Monday, March 10, 2014

The Captured Loop Knot

Hi again rope fans,

  Today we're going to take a closer look at the many practical uses of the Captured Loop Knot. We'll build lightning fast single column ties in both initial and midrope positions. Then we'll take a look at a slick double column tie finish you can use to add a bight onto your Lark's Head Cuff ties. Finally, we'll just riff with rope a bit and see how we might use this new knot in freestyle tying. I know I fell in love with this knot the first time I saw it, and I feel certain that I haven't yet discovered all the awesome things it can be used for. Maybe one of these days I'll run into one of you, and you can show me the awesome new use you've found for it. Until then...

  Have fun and happy tying everyone!


  1. please do never use this Captured Loop Knot in a Suspension.
    It is NOT secured against slipping open when you give weight on the Loop.
    The whole knot slips open with nearly no tension.

    For tying someone fast and on the ground for Play, this knot is very cool :-)

    1. ok, to be more precise, do not Run the suspension line under the column tie itself.
      running it through the Double bight should work. But in this case, from the First lift on.

  2. Agreed. I mostly use this knot when tying fast groundwork (typically in Newaza/Ichinawa scenes). If you did feel like suspending with it, you are correct, that the only stable point on the tie is the loop itself. So if you were to use this to tie a Captured Loop Ladder on your bottom's leg (for example), then you would want to thread your topline through all of the loops and NOT under any of the bands on the leg.