Sunday, June 22, 2014

Spiral Futomomo

Here's a basic futomomo that's decorative, comfortable and works really well for floor work. If you've had trouble with futomomos in the past that require passing the rope between the calf and the thigh, give this one a try. We start out this tie using the Burlington Bowline which you can find here. It also relies heavily on the munter hitch which you can learn more about here. I like using this tie because it's restrictive without blocking the "fun" parts. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Spreader Bar Double Column Tie

This tie is a fun and simple way to keep a bottom's limbs apart. If you can't think of something to do with a willing somebody that has their wrists or legs spread apart then you might be in the wrong part of the Interwebs right now!  

The tie is a reverse tension double column tie. Once tied it is fairly secure. It has a lot of uses when it is tied. For example when it is tied on the wrists the spreader bar can be put into a bottom's mouth to be used as a gag (be sure to set up a signal with them to let you know if something is wrong). Use synthetic rope in that situation for easier clean up. 

You can use this tie on the ankles, upper arms, wrists and thighs to keep them apart. You can also tie wrists to ankles or any other combination that you might think of! Have fun with it!

Start off with a Lark's Head and then go around the columns a couple of times as shown. You can do one wrap or multiple wraps around the columns depending on what you are going for. Place the limbs the distance that you want them spread apart. Have the bottom maintain tension for this. 

The second wrap should finish up near the initial Lark's Head. 

Pull the rope through the intersection of the rope

Bring the rope down underneath the bottom wrap then bring it back up. 

Bring the rope over the top of the wraps then back down underneath them. Slowly tighten the two wraps together. Be careful not to pinch your bottom with the rope as it tightens. 

Continue to "vine" the rope around the two column wraps. Vining is simply wrapping rope around rope. 

Every now and then grab onto the wraps and push back toward the starting point to make sure that the rope vine stays good and tight. 

When you get to the end there are a couple of options for tying off... 

You can do a simple half hitch as shown. 

Which will look like this when completed. 

Or you can split the tails around the wraps....

And complete with a square knot. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Reverse Tension Double Column Ties

Howdy rope enthusiasts,

  This time around we'll be taking a look at five different variations on the reverse tension double column tie. Some are speedier, some are more bombproof, but all of them should serve you well in your rope scenes. Pick whichever one appeals to you most and master it, since from a practical standpoint, all of these ties are interchangeable.

  Have fun and happy tying!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Forward Facing Hogtie

We're all familiar with the classic hogtie with the hands behind the back, right? As sexy as that tie is, it doesn't lend itself well to long scenes because it puts a lot of stress on the bottom's back. Here's a forward facing hogtie for those of you who are less flexible and want a longer lasting scene. Once you have your bottom in position, you can tie the hands and feet to a hard point above them (not a suspension, but just to hold them in place) and have a lot of fun. They are now exposed for spanking, caning, tickling... you get the idea. And your bottom isn't going to be able to get far no matter how much they wriggle and squirm. Have fun with this one, guys!