Monday, December 30, 2013

Finishing the Munenawa: The Wrist Lock

When you have tied the munenawa and have excess rope that you aren't sure what to do with there are plenty of options. If you want to keep your bottom's hands under control this is a great way to accomplish that and use up that rope. 

A few things to note before starting: this is not a super secure tie. An eel will wriggle out of this fairly easily or if you have someone that likes to be more secure then you will need to add additional wraps or rope into the mix to make it more secure. You might also find that some bottoms (particularly muscular people with a lot of upper body strength) may have a tough time maintaining this position. Just something to watch out for. 

Start with a lock knot. after completing the munenawa pull a bight behind the two shoulder ropes.

Pull the working end of your rope through the bight. 

Pull down with the working end of the rope to secure the knot and then dress it.

Have your bottom place their hands behind their back. Bring the rope behind their arms and then out toward yourself.
Please note: The bottom was able to hold one arm above the other reasonably far up the back. For some people this can be very uncomfortable and it is perfectly acceptable for someone to have their arms crossed further down their back as long as you have sufficient rope to complete the tie. 

Bring the rope back up toward the munenawa. Often you can lift the arms some doing this
but again do so with caution. Some people can't hold that position long or it could cause discomfort. 

Pull the rope behind the line coming down from the munenawa. 

Redirect the rope back toward you. 

Bring the rope back up behind the wrists.

Split the two halves of the rope on either side of the stem coming down. 

Finish with a square knot. Right over left then left over right. 

This is how it should look when completed.

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