Monday, December 30, 2013

Finishing the Munenawa: The Breast Cinch

A different way to finalize the munenawa is the breast cinch. This finish is fantastic because it really accentuates the breasts very nicely and if done tightly it can definitely increase sensitivity. And, hey, it looks pretty darned nice too!

Finish the munenawa with a lock knot: first pull a bight of rope behind the two shoulder ropes.

Pull the working end of the rope through that bight.

Pull the rope tight and dress the knot. 

Split the tails of the rope and bring them up over each shoulder. 

Bring the ropes down on the outside of the breasts.

Choose a side and then pull a bight underneath the upper breast wrap.

Continue pulling the bight down underneath the second breast wrap and pull the rope through.

Redirect the rope back 180 degrees on itself.

Pull the two breast wraps together with the single line you ran underneath them.
NOTE: if you pull very quickly it can cause a rope burn very easily even with natural
fiber rope. This is a very sensitive part of the body so use caution.

Then run the line underneath the single line and the shoulder ropes. 

Wrap the single line around the three strands that you just pulled it under. 

Continue wrapping the line until you have just enough left to pull a piece through the  middle of
doubled line from the shoulder rope. 

Repeat those steps on the other side. When completed it will look like this from the top.

The completed breast cinch from the side. It can definitely be made tighter than this but please
be careful and pay attention to the note of caution earlier. 

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