Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The John Willie G-String Tie Variation

John Willie was a well known photographer and fetishist for the magazine Bizarre back in the 1940's and 50's. His work has certainly influenced today's kink scene in many ways, especially the photograph aspect of it. He also developed some rope bondage techniques. We are borrowing on one of those, his G-String Tie, for this post. The tie presented is a variation of the original which can be found here: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/22/John_Willie_-_G_String_Tie.png

It is a fun and fairly quick tie but as it is presented it is not an inescapable tie. If you want something that will look good and combines traditional American rope bondage with a little shibari thrown in, give it a whirl, we think you will like it!

Start with the mid-point of the rope at the back of the neck and split the tails so the two halves go down either side of the body in the front. 

The two tails will be on the outside of the chest.

Bring the ropes behind the back to form an X. It doesn't matter which rope crosses. The two color arrows are to help illustrate how the ropes should look. The tails will end up on the opposite side that they started on. 

Bring the two tails back to the front, coming over the hip bone. Bring them back together between the legs. For an interesting variation on this you could strategically place a knot for a more interesting experience for the bottom. 
Bring the rope, now doubled, back between the hands. Form a 90 degree angle and bring the rope around one wrist. 

The photo might be a bit confusing, but the concept is fairly simple. Bring the rope around one wrist the back around the outside of the opposite wrist then underneath the bend you formed in the last step. Take a moment to dress this wrist lock to tighten it up. Keep in mind that this tie could tighten as it is presented. A lock knot before moving on to the next step would prevent that from happening. 
Take your rope and bring it up behind the X in small of the back then reverse direction back to the wrists. 
The rope then goes under the cuff between the wrists. 

At this point simply "vine" or wrap the rope around itself and finish with a half hitch. 

The final product will look like this from the back and the front is shown at the beginning. A very simple and fun tie that gives a lot of access...

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