Monday, July 28, 2014

The Pearls Breast Harness

The Pearls Breast Harness is a fairly quick and simple way to accentuate breasts with rope. It is particularly effective for a partner with smaller breasts. 

This tie was done with a 25 foot length of rope. It can be done with a longer length or even extended to continue the weave pattern. That will also give added comfort if this harness were to be used to support weight. 

An important note to help make this harness as successful as it should be: put it on fairly tightly. The friction between the skin and rope is what helps to hold this harness in place. One of the biggest mistakes I have seen folks do while trying to tie this is to tie it loosely; it falls off or droops which defeats the purpose of this harness. Check in with your bottom to make sure that it is not too tight but harnesses on the chest can be fairly tight without many problems because of the skeletal support of the rib cage. 

A special thanks to the every lovely Anise for providing the wonderful body for me to tie on. 

The tie begins with a reverse tension  rope position placed in the middle of the back. 

In the front the rope should pass diagonally between the breasts. 

The reverse tension follows to the front under the breast that the rope initially passed over. 

The rope then diagonally splits the breasts in the opposite direction from the last rope. 

The rope returns to the bight formed at the start of the tie. The photo here shows a finger hooking technique to pull the rope through quickly and efficiently. 

The rope continues back toward the front following the original line that passed diagonally between the breasts. Note that the working rope is ABOVE the original rope. 

The rope continues to the back and reverse tensions. 

It then passes to the front. Here it passes under the first rope it meets then passes over the second rope. 

This is the weave pattern that will be formed if the tie has been done properly. 

In the back the rope passes through the bight formed from the last pass. 

Turn the rope 90 degrees and leave the loop. 

Pass the tails through the loop you have. 

Tighten the loop and dress it to look good. You can vine or use another technique to use up the extra rope at this point (there was only about 6 inches or so left)

Here is what the completed harness looks like. 

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