Monday, May 26, 2014

Figure 8 Double Column Ties

Howdy rope enthusiasts,

  This time around we're taking a look at a different way to execute those pesky double column ties that will hopefully add a bit of unexpected flair to your arsenal. In this video, I illustrate how to complete the "Figure 8 Double Column" in both forward and reverse tension tying styles and show you how to dynamically adjust the final relative column sizes without untying the form.

  My forward tension finishing knot in this video is the Burlington Bowline. My second reverse tension finishing knot was the Captured Loop Knot. At the end, I mention that another reverse tension Figure 8 Double Column Tie is Esox's Infinity Cuff. I personally prefer Esox's tie to the reverse tension variation that I showed in this video, but for completeness I wanted to make sure that I covered all my bases for you guys. I, of course, encourage you all to try all the variations shown here and see what works for you. And hey, maybe you'll even discover a new one that you like even better. The more the merrier!

  Have fun and happy tying,

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