Monday, January 13, 2014

The "Foot"-omomo


Hey there, knotty people!

Here is a variation of the traditional futomomo that addresses two common issues with this tie: #1 we prevent shin pain by starting the tie around the arch of the foot instead of the ankle and #2 we redirect the top cinch line down below the first one so you don't have to struggle with stuffing rope between the calf and thigh. The "foot"-omomo is a great tie for creating a sense of vulnerability and exposure for the bottom. It also immobilizes your play partner and can work well for suspensions if tied securely.

Have fun, and play safe!

Begin with a Lark's Head Cuff. Refer to Tracker's earlier post to see how this is done.

Now make a reverse-tension double column tie. Begin by wrapping around the thigh and shin.

Reverse direction and wrap around the shin and thigh.
Be sure not to cross the ropes or leave any gaps.

Once you bring the rope around the thigh, pull the rope through the bight.

Now pass the rope between the calf and thigh.

Pull the rope out the other side of the leg.

Wrap the rope around the bands and pull it between the calf and thigh back to the other side.

Lock the tie off with a cow hitch by first wrapping the rope
around the bands and coming out between the cinch line and the shin.

Create a bight pointing up toward the knee and bring the rope behind the bands.

Pull the rope through the bight to tie off the cow hitch.

Your finished cow hitch should look like this.

Bring your rope up the leg and make an "L" to begin a single column reverse tension tie.

Wrap around the thigh and calf and pull the rope underneath to
create the first loop in the reverse tension tie.

Wrap the rope around the calf and thigh in the opposite direction and pull through the bight.

Your reverse tension single column tie should look like this.

To cinch it off, start by creating a bight pointing down toward the
ankle since that's the direction that we're going next.

Pull the rope through the bight to cinch off the reverse tension tie.

Bring the rope down around the double column tie.

Pull the rope out the opposite side of the leg.

Bring the rope up and pull it underneath the upper bands on the leg.

Pull down to begin the finishing cow hitch.

Bring the rope underneath the upright line.

Create a downward-facing bight and bring the rope around the bands and down through the bight to create your finishing cow hitch. Voila! You have yourself a fancy shmancy "foot"-omomo!

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